Willcom D4 WSO16H from Sharp and Willcom - the little UMPC that could!

Sure, this little UMPC can fit in the palm of your hand and is only marginally larger than a lot of the larger smartphones being released these days, but this is no smartphone, this is a full on computer. It has an Intel Atom processor inside, a 40GB HDD, a 5" touchscreen, and so much more.

It packs in a 1.33GHz Intel Centrino Atom processor model Z520, has a 1024x600 touchscreen LCD with LED backlighting, a full keyboard that slides out from underneat, and WiFi b/g. Add to that the Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR, a 2MP camera that is capable of video recording, and 1GB of RAM and this thing is shaping up to be one of the best UMPCs there is.

It comes loading with Windows Vista Home Premium and Microsoft Office Personal 2007, it also has NAVITIME and some virus software pre-installed. Other than the keyboard that slides out, and can even be used to lock the screen in a vertical position, which would make it possible to type like a regular keyboard and or watch movies, there also seems to be some touch sensitive keys on either side of the screen. More on this little bugger as it comes our way.

[via AkihabraNews and k-tai.impress]

Willcom D4 WSO16SH Hands-on !
by AkihabaraNews