Will The Oddest Looking DAP Stand Up Please?

The "Vibez" player by Trekstor, is perhaps the weirdest looking HDD-based player you'll encounter. It's a clever way to stand out from the crowd – but is it enough? How it looks is only skin deep, so specs and features also play key roles determine its future success. That being said, lets check out what's under the hood.

You have your choice of a 8GB or 15GB HDD version, a smaller TFT color display (176x132), Ogg Vorbis and Flac support as well as DRM9/10 compliance (do we really care?), and the usual MP3, WMA, and WAV. The removable battery allow for up to 20 hours of usage on a single charge, an FM tuner card, and wired remote control. There's also support for viewing JPEG, create play lists on the go, and you can even configure the menu button similar to the Rio DJ. Click over for more detail images.

The 8GB is priced for 199 Euro, while 15GB goes for 229 Euro. Umm, I'll take five 8GB model please –NOT! The 15GB is obviously a better deal here. The Vibez is scheduled for release sometime in November.

vibez: MP3-Player mit 15-GByte-Festplatte von Trekstor [via dapreview.net]