Wileyfox Revives Windows 10 Mobile Phone Due To Popular Demand

Microsoft may have given up on its own Windows-based smartphone platform but at least one of its partners hasn't yet. If you're still itching to get your hands on an honest to goodness Windows 10 Mobile phone, one of the last of its breed, then you might have to make a trip to the UK for it. Or find a way to ship it from there. Because OEM Wileyfox has just started making and selling its Wileyfox Pro phone again because, according to them, their customers demanded it.

There are no more Windows 10 Mobile phone makers and sellers. Not even Microsoft sells one, or any of its own phones for that matter. Wileyfox, which just launched its Wileyfox Pro barely a year ago, was the last one to that party. It was reportedly also the last and latest to call it quits.

Not so fast, says the company. In a statement to Windows Latest, Wileyfox proudly said that not only is the Wileyfox Pro back in stock, they're even making more of them. Why? "Due to popular demand", no less.

It's not easy to see how big that demand is, but it must be really big for a company to start producing such a smartphone again. And it's not like the Wileyfox Pro is the best Windows 10 Mobile phone there is. In fact, it would be the equivalent of an Android Go phone, with a 5-inch HD screen and a Snapdragon 210 processor with 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage.

It will most likely be all about access to Microsoft's apps and services, which you can pretty much do on Android and iOS these days anyway. At least Wileyfox isn't taking advantage of the scarcity and is selling the Wileyfox Pro at only 79.99 GBP ($106) a pop.