Wild One Max is an adult-sized version of an '80s RC car

Anyone who was around the mid-80s will probably remember the remote control car made by a company called Tamiya known as the Wild One. The RC car looks like a dune buggy and was one of the most desirable products for all children in the '80s. A company from the UK is creating a new version of the Wild One with one significant difference.

The new version, called the Wild One Max, is a full-size adult ride-on toy powered by electricity. The Little Car Company is developing Wild One Max for release in 2022 under license from Tamiya. The vehicle looks just like the remote-controlled vehicle but is built on an 8/10 scale rather than the 1/10 scale of the 80s toy. The larger scale means you can get behind the wheel and drive the car yourself.

Max is about 3.5 meters long, 1.8 meters wide, and weighs about 250 kilograms. The vehicle is designed to be assembled at home rather than purchased as a turn-key vehicle. It uses rear-wheel drive and will have a top speed of 30 mph. Peak power is 4kW, working out to about 5.5 BHP.

The vehicle has a 25-mile driving range for starters and features hydraulic Brembo disc brakes with regenerative braking. The driving seat is adjustable to accommodate drivers of different heights, and the Max is fitted with a racing steering wheel and digital gauges.

The vehicle features multiple driving modes to suit different drivers. It will have available "hop-ups" to give the vehicle higher top speeds, more power, and in some countries, convert the vehicle to be road legal. Wild One Max will launch in 2022 and is expected to start at £6000. Preorders are being taken now with a refundable deposit of £100.