Wikipedia Now Available On Livescribe Smartpens

Livescribe, the company behind the Pulse and Echo smartpens, has just announced that for the first time ever, Wikipedia is now available on their smartpens as an app. You can find the app in the Livescribe app store, where you can also find many other productivity apps including the popular Evernote.

Advanced note-takers may already be familiar with Livescribe's smartpens. The smartpens have replaceable ink tips that you can use to actually jot down notes or draw graphs on special "dot paper" and those text and images automatically gets transferred to your computer. The smartpen also has a microphone for recording meetings or lectures, a speaker for play back, and up to 8GB of memory to store up to 800 hours of recorded audio. Other features include an audio jack to let you plug in headphones, OLED display for navigating apps, and micro-USB connectivity.

The addition of the Wikipedia app, now lets you search for information as you write. You can quickly and easily access articles just by tapping on your written words. However the current app version is limited to English and contains only 100,000 most visited Wikipedia abstracts.

[via Livescribe]