Wikipedia app to gain watchlist feature, make it easier to monitor entries

Brittany A. Roston - Feb 13, 2013, 9:37 pm CDT
Wikipedia app to gain watchlist feature, make it easier to monitor entries

Wikipedia relies on users to hold other users accountable, monitoring content for inaccuracies or problems and updating it as necessary. One such way to do this is watchlists, which users can use to keep an eye on their favorite articles, such as their area of expertise or hobby. This feature has been lacking for mobile users, but that ends with an update Wikimedia is rolling out this week.

With this new feature, users will be able to view a watchlist of their favorite articles via the Wikipedia app, something Wikimedia Foundation has stated it hopes will encourage more people to get involved. Users will need a Wikipedia account, which is free to create. From there, users can then log in to the account via the mobile app.

Users can star their preferred pages, and once starred, those pages will be shown in a list with the option for a “modified” view that shows changes and modifications that have been made. The foundation’s web team plans to roll out more features for this in the future, with this being just the beginning of what it has planned.

The next step, says Wikimedia, is implementing features that allow anyone to add images and make “small edits” to articles, as well as other unspecified features. Those who want to provide feedback on the change, or who want to stay updated on the other changes the foundation will be rolling out are encouraged to join the organization’s mailing list.

[via Wikimedia]

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