WikiLeaks' Assange skeptical about Obama's NSA reforms

There was a time when Barak Obama was defending NSA's spying actions to the extent that he was supporting the team as patriots that were assigned "an extraordinarily difficult job." In January this year, he shifted his tone to promise reforms that will assure individual privacy and by February, the White House was looking into four possible options for overhauling the NSA's phone-surveillance activities. At the recent SXSW talk by WikiLeaks head Julian Assange, we get to know of a different new theory about Obama's plans.

If we believe what Assange says, then Barack Obama will not give us a promising NSA reform. Apparently Obama is more obliged to stay aligned with the NSA than the US public. The primary reason behind this assumption is that the spy agency has enough dope on Obama to keep him on a leash.

In fact, Assange goes on to say that if the President tries to mess with the agencies or dismantle the NSA or CIA, they will probably indict him and crush him. Harsh words perhaps, but it does make some sense. Why else will Obama not fire or prosecute people at the agency?

ABOVE: A basic video of the Assange virtual appearance at SXSW, as long as the host is able to keep it up (LeakSource DotInfo)

According to Assange's explanation, the Government has procured sufficient information on the American public that is good enough to 'blackmail' them. As the plot thickens each day, it's truly up to Obama to prove Assange's fears wrong. Let's see how this plays out.