Wiimote Accessory Turns It Into A Fishing Pole

I've never really gotten into playing fishing games (unless you count the mini-game in Ocarina of Time). Something about sitting in my living room pretending to fish just bothers me. If I'm going to dedicate that much time to fishing, I might as well be outside enjoying it. Granted, the same could be said about other sports games, but with fishing you're tossing bait into the water, then you sit and wait. However, if you think I'm crazy (chances are you're right) then you'll probably be excited about this new Brando product that will add a little more spice to your fishing game.

Those of you that have been fortunate enough to get your hands on a Wii will be able to play Bass Fishing on your favorite console. Since you will use the Wiimote as your pole, this attachment will give it a sense of realism by making it look and feel more like a real fishing pole.

The Wiimote attachment is retractable, which makes it easy for storage and measures around 50" when extended, and retracts down to a manageable 21". You can pick one up from Brando for just $19.

Wii Fishing Pole add on [via coolestgadgets]