Wii Web Browser Initial Price: $0

Benjamin Nied - Sep 27, 2006

Good news for anyone hoping to use their new Nintendo Wii as a makeshift web kiosk (of sorts); Nintendo has announced that the Wii’s web browser, based on the popular Opera browser, will have no cost for users initially. The browser will be freely available via the Wii Shop Channel until June 2007, after which time you’ll need to spend hard-earned Wii points in order to surf the web, Wii-mote style.

According to Opera:

“Nintendo has stated that they will offer Opera free of charge as a temporary promotion for all Wii users until June 2007. From July 2007, users can purchase the Opera browser using Wii points. Wii points are credits users can buy that allow them to add new games or the Opera browser to their Wii consoles.”

So if you plan of using your Wii as a sort of all-purpose psuedo-computer, take comfort in the fact that you’ll be able to browse for free if you get the browser within 6 or 7 months of the console’s launch. An exact Wii Point price for the browser has yet to be announced, though I would expect it to have the same real-world price as the Nintendo DS Browser, roughly $30. We’ll have to wait and see though, won’t we?

[via GameDaily BIZ]

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