Wii Virtual Console - Over 10 Million Served

I really need to get a Wii. It just seems like every time I get motivated to go get one, I end up searching for a couple of days, then I get distracted with a new game or something. Between the release of awesome games like Super Smash Bros. Brawl and all of the cool Virtual Console downloads, I'm missing out on a lot. Speaking of VC downloads, Satoru Iwata (Nintendo President and CEO) said that they recently hit a major milestone.

According to their numbers, there have been over 10 million (paid) downloads of Virtual Console games as of last December. With as many classic titles as they have, it's really not surprising.

After hearing that number, I'm really wondering when Nintendo is going to come up with a better solution (see: hard drive) for storing games on the Wii. Since they're going to be launching original downloadable games via WiiWare, you can bet that this is something that weighs heavily on their minds.

[via Gamasutra]