Wii U's Netflix app gets complete overhaul, more features

Disappointed by the slow, often poor experience of using Netflix on the Wii U? Then today brings good news: users are reporting that the Netflix for Wii U app has been updated and the update brings a complete overhaul, including new features and improved performance. Netflix hasn't issued any official statement about the update, but users are reporting that the interface has changed, profiles are available, and more.

Word about the updates first surfaced on a Wii U subreddit on Reddit.com, where users reported yesterday that there was a new version of the app available when they fired up Netflix. The new update, among other things, now indulges your binge-watching desires — auto-play has been added so that the next episode auto-starts after the last one ended.

As mentioned, you can now set up profiles, too, allowing you to keep your content and watching habits separate from others in the family/dorm room. You can start a movie or TV show back where you left it off, as well, meaning you won't have to scroll forward through content any longer.

Finally, you'll find that the interface has been changed up, and that many of the issues related to it — slowness, especially — has been corrected. Overall, the update brings about changes that many Netflix users have already enjoyed, and finally gets the Wii U up on level playing ground.