Wii U name change increasingly unlikely

After the admittedly bungled showing that was E3 2011's Wii U coming out party, it looks like Nintendo may still decide to keep the console's name after all. It has been speculated that the company may alter the console's title and say the "Wii U" was just its codename. But after ramped up marketing efforts, it appears Nintendo has no plans to do that.

The company just recently launched a glitzy Facebook fan page for the Wii U, and it also revealed a brand new logo for the console. Those are the kinds of moves you don't usually do if you plan on scrapping the name a couple weeks later. So we are most likely stuck with the Wii U tag for the next several years. The trend of video game console code-names being altered before the final release is apparently over.

For Nintendo, next month's E3 trade show will be bittersweet. The company has an opportunity last year to generate buzz and draw excitement, but all it did was cause confusion. This year, it will be playing a game of correcting last year's mistakes. But it still has a great chance to shine since Microsoft and Sony have both said they have no plans to reveal new hardware. This is the chance for Nintendo to prove that Wii U can stand up above the Xbox 360 and PS3.

[via GameRant]