Wii U menu sounds turned into 9-track music album

It's time for the remix – call up DJ Cutman and get him on the case – Wii U's beats need to be made into a full album for all to enjoy. That's exactly what the man has done here at the launch of the next-generation gaming console, taking the "greatest hits" of the device that's sold out across the planet and making it into a one-shot album of nine tracks. Though the legality of selling such an album is questionable, you can choose to download the tracks for free at your own risk.

Of course if you're a current owner of the Wii U, we'd worry less than if you weren't. The DJ behind this release does indeed go by the name Cutman – that's not just in jest – and the album covers everything from the front menu down to the firmware update screen. This entire project sounds as though its mixed at the top of its game, having been ripped directly from the Wii U's software and mixed up right with the finest equipment available to the artist.

You can head over to Cutman's lab now and grab the whole thing! Meanwhile you should jump on down to our Wii U tag portal to get all the information you need on this fun machine. Let us know what else you want to know about the machine – or this music – as well!

Also be sure to stay tuned as we dive deeper into the Wii U from all sides over the next few weeks! WIth the system selling out all over the planet, it's only right that we keep you up to date on its availability and on what you'll be able to do with it once its in your house as well! This little machine is making big waves for Nintendo, that's for sure!