Wii sensor bar made from a TV remote control

Emily Price - Aug 22, 2008
Wii sensor bar made from a TV remote control

The Wii sensor bar is one of those essential things that modders can’t help but tinker with.  One Wii fan has turned an old remote control for a television into a Wii sensor bar. The sensor bar works exactly the same as the traditional Wii sensor bar, except it now looks like a remote control.

Originally the mod was done as just wires and batteries. While functional, wires and batteries aren’t exactly the nicest thing to look at, so they tried it again with a remote control case.

Stacy, who made the modified sensor bar with her dad, said “We took one of the remotes and cut off part of the Circuit board and then drilled holes in the side for the IR LED’s and used the battery box already on the remote and made a sensor bar that is sort of “Incognito”.

Pretty cool idea, and it certainly looks less conspicuous. What’s the best Wii mod you’ve seen?  Let us know in the comments.

[via GoNintendo]

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