Wii Projector Mapping turntable setup has us dazed

There's a brand new method for blowing the minds of your music-loving constituents, DJs of the world, and it's been set up with projectors, a set of turntables, and some Wii remotes. What you've got here is a user interface which uses projected light unto your turntables to bring an interactive experience unlike any other, both enhancing and expanding your party rocking experience. Have a peek at how definitive this rocking experience is going to be for the future of in-person plate spinning, and note that the music comes from no less than Mark Morris.

The setup you see here is done with a user interface for Serato Scratch Live which uses both sound and the rotation of the vinyl record to react and produce effects. With this system, you're able to do digital mixing without having to even glance over at your computer screen – a crossover method that adds to the digital revolution happening in the DJ world for the past decade, crossing this and analog in a way that is, once again, a first with the other effects you're about to see. Real time waveforms stream across mixers and vinyl while video comes in via Wii remotes. Have a peek;

UPDATE: a message from E.N.S. himself:

I only assisted by offering some Visual interface concept ideas, and created the video for them, the engineers are Mark Morris and Bruce Lott

The entire project video presentation here has been created primarily by Ian Silverman, aka E.N.S., and the video you see here will act as a sort of step-by-step guide for you to start your own setup right away! You'll of course need some Wii controllers and the Serato Scratch Live software to make it all happen, but it's all easy from there on in! If this does not seem easy to you, on the other hand, please feel free to continue tapping on your iPad DJ station instead. Have fun!

Thanks for the tip, Jnus!