Wii Messenger Bag

Some things are just hard to tote around. Take your game consoles for instance, sure it's easy to bring your games to your friends house, but what if your loser friend refuses to go buy their own system (even though some people have been buying them parts at a time in hopes they will get with the program) and thus you have to constantly tote yours back and forth between houses in order play and unless you have a something like, oh I don't know, a laundry basket handy you can put your console in it does become very difficult.

Well fret no more, if your console happens to be a Wii, because now there is an easier solution. The Wii Messenger Bag will make taking your Wii anywhere a breeze. There are separate compartments for the console itself, the sensor bar, power pack and controllers and games or any other additional equipment. Now the party doesn't always have to either be at your place or be a hassle.

The Wii Messenger Bag costs $29.99. Now I'm really hoping they come out with one for the Xbox 360, cause that's what I need!

[via SlashGear Japan]