Wii FreeLoader lets you play imports without the need for a mod chip

Chris Scott Barr - Feb 29, 2008

In all my years of gaming, I’ve never actually imported any games from Japan (or anywhere else for that matter). The main reason for this is that I’m not fluent in any language other than English, which would mean all dialog would be completely lost on me. If you’re one that loves you some imported games, you might be interested in the new Wii FreeLoader.

This disc will allow you to play imported games, regardless of region on your Wii without the need to have a mod chip installed. Unfortunately these types of discs are constantly being thwarted by system updates which essentially render them useless.

The disc won’t break the bank, as it will only run you $19.99. For those in the UK wondering when you’ll be able to get Super Smash Bros. Brawl, you’ll be able to pick one of these up for £9.99.

Source: Joystiq

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