Wii Fit parody – It’s that little white thing you stand on

Chris Scott Barr - Jul 19, 2007

I still think that the Wii Fit is a really cool device, even though I myself would likely never purchase or actually use one. Generally, when I’m going to spend some time playing games, I’m more looking for something with adventure and excitement, not exercise. As you might have guessed, I don’t usually allot a certain part of my day strictly for exercise.

Here’s a slightly different, and hilarious look at the Wii Fit from the same guys that brought you the big ass table video. It’s the little white thing you stand on.

video after the jump

It really does capture some of the thoughts that first came to mind when I heard about the Wii Fit. While I understand that this is aimed at people that want a slightly more entertaining way to exercise, or spend $3.19 on a plastic hula hoop.

Nintendo Wii Fit Parody [via crunchgear]

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