Wii: Captain Rainbow details revealed

Emily Price - Aug 11, 2008
Wii: Captain Rainbow details revealed

Some details have been released about the upcoming Wii titled Captain Rainbow. The premise behind the game is that the main character Nick, who plays the role of Captain Rainbow is visiting Minmin Island, and island where ones dreams are supposed to come true.

The island is populated by Nintendo characters. We now know some of the cast includes Catherine from Super Mario Brothers, Tracy from the Legend of Zelda, and Little Mac from Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out amongst others.

Captain Rainbow totes a yo-yo around on the island as his main weapon and plays a variety of mini-games in order to help the inhabitants of the island. Each mini-game will earn you crystals known as “kirarin” and 20 kirarin will open up an action portion of the game where Captain Rainbow will have the ability to grant the wish of one of the islands inhabitants.

No word on whether the game will be headed to the US, although most gaming sites think a US release is pretty doubtful.

What do you think about the game? Would you play it?

[via Joystik]

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