WigWag Filament Smart Color LED bulbs go up for pre-order

Brittany A. Roston - Sep 10, 2014
WigWag Filament Smart Color LED bulbs go up for pre-order

WigWag’s Filament Smart Color LED light bulbs and the platform devices that control it all — including other Internet of Things devices — have gone up for pre-order and are set to ship this fall. With the Filament bulbs comes the WigWag Relay, which the company calls “the brains of the operation”.

The Filament light bulbs are akin to the Philips hue (check out our review), allowing users to control the lighting via an iOS or Android app. They work in conjunction with a device called the WigWag Relay, which is plugged into one’s WiFi router. Using this Relay, other connected home devices like Nest and the aforementioned Philips bulbs can also operate under WigWag’s platform.

In addition to supporting other bulbs, the Relay is also able to work with adapters for protocols like Bluetooth, further increasing how many Internet of Things devices one can use. This allows users to mix and match their preferred connected products without shuffling between different platforms or trifling with compatibility.

The Filament bulbs are an LED offering with 3000K – 6000K adjustable lighting. In addition to changing the lighting level, the color can also be changed (RGB), with WigWag saying its product offering more than 64 million colors spanning up to 800 lumens, able to run for up to 20 years.

The WigWag system is up for pre-order now, coming with a Relay and an amount of bulbs dependent on price. You’ll get four bulbs with the Relay, for example, for $199.99, with the price increasing to the max of $399.99 for a dozen bulbs.

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