WiGig Spot demo can download 120-minute movie in ten seconds

Panasonic Corp is currently demonstrating a new wireless networking technology that it is calling the WiGig spot. The experimental device is able to transfer data at over ten times faster than a conventional wireless network. The technology is on display at the Narita International Airport to let travelers get a glimpse at the wireless network of the future. Panasonic says that the network is fast enough to download a 120-minute movie in about ten seconds.

In addition to showing the public the future networking technology, the demonstration is also an attempt to verify the efficacy of the WiGig Spot device. The WiGig device uses 60 GHz and the researchers say that normally WiGig is very directional making it cover a small amount of space with networking capability. The team was able to get around that limitation and get the WiGig device to cover a larger area by using beamforming technology.

Inside the WiGig hot spot, there are three different wireless modules. Using the beam forming technology each of the modules can cover an area of approximately 120 degrees. Combining the three modules gives the device 360-degree coverage that allows users to access the network wherever they stand in relation to the hotspot itself.

The hotspot uses millimeter wave technology and the developers say that the network where the demo is being used is very interested in the technology. The airport is gearing up for the rollout of the WiGig tech by 2020. During the demo the travelers use a special kiosk with machines that have the tech to access the WiGig network.

SOURCE: Panasonic