WiFi WPA encryption partially cracked

If you've not already done so, prepare to ratchet your router security up to WPA2: the latest news from the tech security world is that researchers have figured out a way to at least partially crack WPA encryption.  Set to be detailed in an academic journal in a few months time, the process is the work of Erik Tews and Martin Beck who figured out a way to get WPA-encrypted routers to send them a large chunk of data that can then – with the aid of a "mathematical breakthrough" – can be analyzed and used to break WPA's TKIP key in just 12-15 minutes.

Unlike so-called dictionary methods, which attempt to guess the TKIP key by running through all possible password combinations, Tews and Becks' system does not require large processing ability or extended lengths of time.  However the pair are as-yet unable to crack the encryption keys used to secure PC to router data.

Parts of their code has already found its way into Beck's Aircrack-ng WiFi encryption hacking tool, in an update two weeks ago.  The pair will discuss the technique at the PacSec conference in Tokyo next week.

[via CrunchGear]