WiFi passport powered by Google launches in Jakarta

Google has announced the launch of a new method to help people get online in the form of a new offering called WiFi Passport powered by Google. The service is currently only available in Jakarta and promises an easy and affordable way to get online in the area. The service requires users to obtain a voucher and sign into their Google account to enter the voucher code to access the nearest hotspot.

At launch the service is available only for Android device users and works on all official Android smartphones and tablets running Android 2.2 or higher. Google says that WiFi Passport is faster than using congested 3G connectivity and users won't have to enter passwords multiple times or register via difficult to use websites.

The Google service uses an application available on the Google Play store right now. The Wi-Fi hotspots will allow users to stream music, watch movies, and share other content just as they would from a home network. The service offers a one-time login allowing users to stay connected for 24 hours as long as there are near a hotspot.

The service offers up to 3 GB of video, music, photos, or other content in a single day. The service is also available offering a total of 7 GB over seven days and 10 GB over 30 days. Google says that it has a number of hotspots in use around the city and Jakarta right now. A MOGPLAY 20-day Wi-Fi passport will cost 20,000 IDR the 50-day passport costing 50,000 IDR. Users are allowed to have a maximum of 60 days worth of Wi-Fi time and any point and any unused time expires 60 days from when the voucher was redeemed.

SOURCE: Google