WiFi only Dell Streak lands WiFi cert

The Dell Streak 7 on the market right now has been around for a while and packs in both WiFi and 3G connectivity. Before the product hit the market for geeks to buy, the thing turned up for its WiFi certification over at Wi-fi.org. That certification noted the model number and the dual-mode radio inside for 3G and WiFi.

A new Streak has turned up for its WiFi certification and the cert carries the note that the radio is a single-mode offering. That means that the new Streak is a WiFi only device. The model number attached to the certification is M02M002 and the cert was granted last week.

Exactly when the new Streak 7 will hit the market is unknown. With one major certification behind it, the Streak might turn up at any time. There is no word on official pricing or availability, but it should be a good bit cheaper than the 3G version making it more appealing to people that use a MID mostly in the home or office near WiFi.

[via Android Community]