WiFi network and password for Super Bowl stadium leak during pre-game coverage

The biggest football game of the year was played last night when Super Bowl XLVIII kicked off at MetLife Stadium located in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The stadium suffered from a significant security breach for its wireless network during the lead up to the game. During a news broadcast, the WiFi network name and password for part of the stadium was clearly displayed.

The WiFi credentials were clearly seen on a large screen in the stadium tech center. The security credentials were aired Sunday morning as part of a pre-game broadcast that showed off the security center for the big game.

Having information like that on the screen at a security center during a news broadcast certainly makes security at the stadium suspect. The stadium has a free WiFi network that is open to all device users thanks to Verizon.

The leaked security credentials for WiFi are thought to be a network reserved for press and other services at the stadium. The leaked credentials soon made their way around the web and thousands of people at the game likely had them. It's unclear if the credentials were changed prior to kickoff or if they are still the same right now.