WiFi detecting watch from ThinkGeek

Check out this watch that also has a WiFi signal strength indicator built into it. I love watches, even more than that, I love watches that can do other cool things, such as this one with a WiFi indicator built in, all you have to do is push the button and it will give you 0-8 bars for signal strength.

It gives you time and date with seconds as well, and it's all digital using the LCD to display both the time and the WiFi signal strength. Too bad it can't show which flavor of WiFi is available as well.

Ah well, at least you won't look like as much of a tool walking around with a separate WiFi finder, you'll just look a little weird wondering around tapping your watch every few yards. You can get them now at ThinkGeek for $29.99, but I just checked, and they are all sold out.

Wi-Fi Detecting Watch, The Broadband Sniffer for Your Wrist [via gizmodo]