WiebeTech RTX TrayFree enclosures line

Never has it been any simpler to buy an HDD enclosure, and an HDD separately and then without any further work, just put the HDD into the enclosure. That's the level of simplicity offered by WiebeTech's TrayFree technology.

You take a bare SATA drive and slide it right into the enclosure, close it up and you are ready to go. That means that with their enclosures you can literally change out entire RAID volume sets in a matter of minutes.

They have JBOD enclosures and RAID enclosures, the RAID enclosures work just like a RAID and require you to swap out an entire volume unless you are using RAID 1 or 5 where you can just swap out the faulty drive. The JBOD enclosures act like just a bunch of disks so you can swap any of those out whenever you want to.

They also offer up an iSCSI technology which is like SCSI over IP so you can transfer data over Ethernet at faster speeds, up to 100MB/second. There are two new models, the RTX400 FireWire/JBOD model that sells, empty, for $1100 but has 8 FireWire 800 ports and 4 USB ports, that works out to two FireWire and one USB per drive bay. The second unit fetches $2850 and is the RTX600 iSCSI RAID system with 6 bays, shock protection for all of them, and support for JBOD or RAID 0, 1+0, 3, 5, and 6.

WiebeTech expands RTX TrayFree enclosures [via macnn]