Wicked Lasers creates Doctor Evil's dream shark

The geeks over at Wicked Lasers routinely create some of the most powerful laser pointers in all the land. Some of these lasers are so powerful they can blind the sensors on satellites in orbit and set things on fire. If you've been looking at the new lasers the company comes up with and wondering when they're going to attach them to the head of a shark, your wait is over... mostly.

The lasers in this instance aren't attached to the sharks head because the sharks head is flat and much too close to its mouth full of sharp and deadly teeth. Instead of using the head, the diver attached a modified Wicked Lasers S3 Krypton to the shark's fin. The shark in the photo isn't the man eating great white that I had always dreamed of seeing attached to laser, rather it was a Lemon Shark.

The S3 Krypton laser appears to have been modified to be waterproof and attached to what looks like a chip clip. The laser in question has multiple power modes and starts at right at $400. The laser in the video was operating at 40mW in low power and 200mW and high-power mode.