Why you're going to want the 500GB SHIELD Pro

This week the SHIELD Pro – the larger internal storage size-toting version of the Android TV device – has begun shipping to users. In addition to rolling out with 500GB of internal storage space, says NVIDIA, this version of the device also comes bundled with Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. This is the same device SlashGear took a close look at in our NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV review quite recently – both inside and out. This device is made to take over your living room entertainment, providing movies, music, and most of all games to your HD TV.

While we've tested the 16GB version of the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV device, it turned out to be quick to fill. Not that the software that came with the device filled it up – we had plenty to go after that. It was the inspiring draw of being able to store whatever we wanted.

That did us in.

NVIDIA SHIELD is able to run Android apps. The app VLC runs on Android – it has an Android TV-specific app, in fact.

NVIDIA SHIELD lets you push content of all sorts to it via USB from your PC, via USB storage stick, and via Bluetooth. You can also download content via a wide variety of means, but here's what happened with our unit:

It filled up quick. We've got a lot of movies.

Lots and lots of movies. Ripped (legally) from a variety of sources we own. We've also got lots and lots of photos and videos filmed with smartphones and camcorders.

So 16GB really wasn't all that difficult to fill.

The other option you've got is to get the 16GB version and insert a microSD card in it. This unit can take up to a 2TB card – if you're lucky enough to find one – so no worries!

Meanwhile the 500GB edition of the machine is shipping as of today. Have a tap at it.