Why is $POT so high? PotCoin, North Korea, Dennis Rodman

Over the past 24 hours, the cryptocurrency known as PotCoin, or $POT, has risen over 81-percent. That's nuts – and it doesn't just happen because a lot of investors suddenly happened upon the little-known coin. The reason PotCoin is suddenly cashing in in a big way has very little to do with its first sponsorship of an American peace-brokering mission with a foreign entity. PotCoin just sent Dennis Rodman to North Korea.

Official PR from the company shows that the coin is using money earned from the sale of their coins to send former NBA player Dennis Rodman to North Korea this week. As they suggest, "Rodman made his first visit to North Korea in February 2013. Since then, he has previously visited the country 4 times and is known to be a trusted confidant of the Supreme Leader, Kim Jong Un." Rodman was also on Celebrity Apprentice with with Donald Trump, so they suggest that Rodman has "long-time friendships" with both Un and Donald.

"I'm really looking forward to spending time with the wonderful people of North Korea and of course, visiting with the Supreme Leader, Kim Jong Un," said Rodman. "I want to thank the folks at PotCoin. They realized the importance of this trip and made it all possible for me."

This is what's called Selling the News. Once it's abundantly clear that PotCoin has nothing to gain from this situation outside Rodman wearing their logo on a t-shirt, the price of the stock will very likely fall once again. That's not to say that it'll fall back to the place it was sitting a few days ago – it might continue to do well, flying upward in the face of the rest of the market, rocketing forward forever! But keep an eye on the news – that'll make or break the coin in the next few days... or hours.

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