Why I will never buy a 3D TV

Don Reisinger - Aug 7, 2010
Why I will never buy a 3D TV

A recent report from market-research firm DisplaySearch found that 3D TV shipments are expected to hit nearly 43 million units per year by 2014, a huge gain over the more than 3 million that are will ship in 2010.

The growth of 3D should help companies like Sony, which is doubling down on 3D gaming, as well as vendors that are trying desperately to bring the 3D technology to the market. Meanwhile, we’re expected to take 3D for what it is, throw some glasses on our heads, and watch our favorite television characters jump out at us.

Sorry, but I can’t. When I’m done with work each day, I want to sit in front of my television and relax with a show that entertains me. When 3D is added to the equation, it’s more trouble than it’s worth. Not only will I be distracted by the glasses, but I really don’t need to see some person’s head in 3D.

The experience of 3D works in a movie theater. We sit there for a couple hours with glasses on, watch a film, and generally enjoy ourselves. But most movies deliver sub-par 3D experiences that make me wish I didn’t pay the extra fee just to have 3D. And that fails to mention the headache I typically get after an hour-and-a-half or so of watching 3D content. It’s nice for a while, but the allure quickly wears off when the pain sets in.

For those of us who desire a high-quality picture, there’s also the issue of image degradation. A few years ago, movies were stunningly beautiful. Environments were rich in color, fidelity was high, and overall quality was outstanding. But with 3D films, all that quality is lost. The result is a muted visual experience that, at least for me, hinders my movie-going.

Taking all that into account, why would we want to see 3D make its way into our living rooms? Considering some folks watch television for hours each night, won’t wearing those glasses get old after a short time? And since we’re still getting used to our favorite shows finally coming through in HD, would it really make much sense to ruin those visuals with 3D?

I’m not a believer in 3D. I think it has its uses, and at times, it’s great. But it’s best kept in the movie theaters.

That’s precisely why I won’t be buying a 3D TV. It might be 2010 and there are many more years left for 3D to grow on me, but trust me, a 3D television will not be sitting in my living room.

Yes, I know that I don’t have to watch 3D on a 3D TV and there are several outstanding sets available that double as fantastic HD televisions, but it’s principle for me. I feel that if I buy a 3D TV, I’m supporting the hell that the technology will heap upon me.

So, no, I won’t be buying a 3D TV. I won’t be watching 3D television shows. And I won’t play 3D games. The technology is useless to me. And so too are 3D televisions.

Now, who is with me?

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