Why I Think Apple Will, Indeed, Launch A Television

If you follow the rumors surrounding Apple, you know that the company is reportedly working on a television. That television, rumors suggest, will come with iCloud support, apps, and perhaps even Siri. More importantly, it'll deliver the kind of image quality often not found in today's televisions. However, like so many other Apple products, it's highly likely that the television will boast a high price tag.

Although Apple hasn't confirmed that it will, in fact, launch a television, I'm becoming increasingly sure that it will do so. Not only does the timing seem right, but over the last few days, a couple of reports have surfaced seeming to confirm it.

It all started earlier this week when Apple's design guru Jonathan Ive said in an interview with the Daily Telegraph that the products he's working on right now are the "most important" yet. He didn't say which products he was working on, of course, but the fact that he said that much seems to indicate something major is coming.

In addition, a Fortune feature on Apple CEO Tim Cook claimed that he held an event with top employees this year who left impressed by what Apple had coming down the channel in the coming months. Once again, there was no mention of a television, but who really expected there to be one?

Also, let's go back to when Cook announced the iPad earlier this year. He indicated at the time that his company had big plans for the year, and was going to unveil some "revolutionary" products. There might be a chance that the chief executive was talking about the television.

[aquote]I can't think of anything Apple could launch that would be all that revolutionary[/aquote]

See, at this point, I can't think of anything that Apple could launch that would be all that revolutionary. Sure, a new iPhone with a slick design and some key improvements would be nice, but is that really revolutionary? And all of that talk about slimmer MacBook Pros, while appealing, certainly won't make us jump for joy.

For now, as far as I can tell, the only product that might prove to be revolutionary is the Apple television.

Now, I'm not one of those folks that's willing to say exactly when the Apple television might launch. I think there's a chance that it'll come out later this year, but it's far more likely that it'll launch in 2013. There is, of course, a chance that the television finally hits store shelves in 2014. Regardless of when it happens, Apple will be launching a TV in the next few years.

So, perhaps the next question is, should we buy it? Obivously that's tough to say, considering the television hasn't even been unveiled yet. But one can bet that Apple's faithful fans are already saving up cash to pick up the television. And like so many other product launches, whenever Apple unveils the television, many others will follow suit.