Why buy a DSLR when you can build your own SLR?

Shane McGlaun - Feb 25, 2010
Why buy a DSLR when you can build your own SLR?

I have a DSLR camera and if I am to be honest, I don’t know how to use the darn thing. I have to break out the manual every time I need to change lenses and if I get into manual modes, all bets are off. I mostly bought the thing so I could take pictures of my always in motion kids and actually get them not just their elbow or the side of their head thanks to slow shutters on point and shoot cameras.

We have seen lots of new cameras including more than a few DSLRs debut recently with PMA 2010 underway. If you want a new camera and don’t want to just buy one, you could always build your own SLR like one French geek has. In the end, I will have to say the thing is ugly. It looks like some Russian camera from the 60’s.

Still, thinking that someone scratch built the entire camera including the housing is very impressive. Details on exactly how the maker of the camera pulled this off are few and in French, but I am impressed.

[via Make]

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