Who has the most bloatware of them all?

I'm sure that one time or another you've started up a brand new computer only to find it bogged down by bloatware. You know, that crappy software that you didn't ask for, but is slowing down your PC and taking up your precious hard drive space right off the bat. Check out this video that compares the amount of bloatware on 8 different laptops.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hDdw_PA7xwWhat is interesting is that since the PC manufacturers are paid to put this software on our PC's it allows them to be sold at a lower price. Yet Sony, who was the worst offender overall was the second most expensive laptop after the Apple MacBook which had the least amount of bloatware.Shame on you Sony, you too HP. You were the top two offenders for bloatware, yet you were the second and third most expensive. At least Dell, who was the third highest offender offered lower prices than all but two of the notebooks.Bloatware comparison: which computer is the fullest? [via coolestgadgets]