White iPhone 4 in Europe from April 27 says source

At this stage, it's the final countdown for the white iPhone 4 – a case of "when" not "if" – and SlashGear has just been tipped with further evidence that the white smartphone will arrive midway through next week. A trusted tipster passed us a screenshot from a retail system in the Netherlands, which confirms that T-Mobile there will be offering the white iPhone 4 from Wednesday, April 27.

However, the document also warns that there are very limited supplies of the white variant, and as such only limited stock of the 16GB model is on offer. If stores sell out, they're being instructed to inform would-be buyers that it will be a wait of 4-5 weeks.

It's unclear whether that precarious stock level is unique to this one, particular carrier, or if Apple's stocks overall are low. Demand for the white iPhone 4 is expected to be strong, even this far through the handset's life-cycle, and so we're expecting quite the rush next week. Meanwhile, we're also expecting to see more than T-Mobile offer the phone, at least generally across Europe.