White iPhone 4 by end of April according to sources

When we were at the event where the iPhone 4 was launched, the device was on hand in both black and white colors. The only version to come to AT&T was the black smartphone with the white one having some sort of undisclosed issues with production at the time. We later learned that Apple was having issues with the white paint peeling and getting the color to match between makers of the iPhone 4.

On April 6 were reported that the hit iPhone 4 had been deleted from the Apple system and it seemed that the with version would never come to the market. Apparently, there is still a chance that fans of the white iPhone can get the device. Bloomberg reports that three people with knowledge of Apple dealings have claimed the white iPhone is coming.

According to the sources the white iPhone 4 will land this month with a date pegged to be "near the end of April" according go the sources. Sources have also said that no iPhone 5 will be coming at WWDC this summer. A white iPhone 4 might hold some people over until the iPhone 5 comes out. The next iPhone is expected to debut in September.

[via Businessweek]