White House joins Tumblr, says to expect GIFs

The Obama Administration is once again dipping into social media, this time announcing the creation of an account on Tumblr, which is currently composed of a single post and image. Says the White House, the Tumblr will be used in conjunction with the administration's other social media accounts to help make it the "most open and accessible administration in history."

Of course, the White House isn't likely to provide the same content you usually see on Tumblr – we'd be surprised to see any cat GIFs, for example – although the announcement does say that "yes, of course there will be GIFs." We're eager to see what kind the administration puts up, but that aside, the Tumblr will be used to provide things of a more interesting and informative nature.

Users who keep an eye on the administration's latest social account will find quotes from President Obama, as well as content that is relevant to the administration and White House, such as videos of notable visits and photographs that feature the president. The announcement also promises "wonky charts," although it doesn't specify what kind of charts that includes.

And as with similar announcements it has made in the past, the Administration is inviting public participation, requesting that users let them know how they can improve the White House's Tumblr, ask questions, and share stories with them. Such a task is possible via the Submission Tool. If Tumblr's not your thing, you can also check out the administration's Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts.

[via White House]