Whirlpool goes green with washer and dryer that uses 76% less energy per load

There are many reasons to go green from saving the environment to saving you money. When most tech heads start looking to go green, we look at the tech gear we use like our computers, TVs, and other electronic devices. I bet many folks don't even think about the laundry room as a place to go green.

Whirlpool has a new washer and dryer pair called the Cabrio pair that the company claims will pay for itself over its lifetime with money saved from water and electricity. According to the maker, the pair uses 76% less energy and 74% less water per load.

Whirlpool says that every household that switches to the Cabrio pair will result in 11,600 gallons of water saved each year. If the 12.1 million homes in California all switched the savings would add up to 140 billion gallons of water. That is enough water to fill both sides of Niagara Falls for an entire summer. The washer and dryer start at $599 each and are available now.