When packaging sells a product: Energizer's emergency charger

Seventeen to twenty-five minutes ago, if you'd told me I was going to be writing about a portable emergency charger that runs on a couple of AA batteries I would've spat in your dirty face and tripped you head-first into the mud.  And yet here I am, about as cogent as I can get surrounded by all these damn owls, wide-eyed in admiration for a product's packaging.  Ellen over at Gear Diary has reviewed a tubby little device which, in one of those "cellphone battery is dying; how will I call the kidnappers now?" situations, could come in ever so useful for eking out a few more conversations; what grabbed me, however, was Energizer's genius idea to make the various charging cords accessible through a hole in the plastic blister-pack.

That means you can check out whether your cellphone is one of the Motorola, Nokia, Samsung or Sprint models that is compatible, without spending $19.95 only to get home and discover you may as well have spent that money on pickles for all the portable charging good it will do you.  There's a mini-USB plug in there too, happily.

Is it any good?  Well, I'd be advocating taking Energizer outside and roughly spanking them with a 110-240v travel adaptor if they mucked up something so simple, so they'll be relieved to hear that Ellen was pleased.]

The Energizer Energi To Go Review [Gear Diary]