WhatsApp voice calling comes to iOS (sort of)

WhatsApp has turned on voice calling for iOS, a feature many iPhone users have waited patiently for since Android got the feature last month. Calling is free to use, even if your contacts are in different parts of the world. It's also a clever way to sidestep your included voice minutes, if you're not on an unlimited voice calling plan. The iOS update also brings in share extensions, a camera button for chats, and the ability to edit contacts within WhatsApp.

Like all WhatsApp features, these are free for new users for one year. After that time, WhatsApp is $0.99/year.

Though WhatsApp has added the ability to make calls, there are a few things to keep in mind. The app uses data, so your plan data will take a hit unless you're on WiFi.

WhatsApp also needs to turn the calling feature on. Your mobile app may have seen an update, but WhatsApp servers will start to recognize calls over "the next several weeks".

Share extensions for WhatsApp will now let you share to WhatsApp from other apps. You can share links, photos, or videos using iOS' share extensions.

In a chat, you'll now have a dedicated camera button for taking and sharing pictures from within WhatsApp, or you can choose an existing picture or video to share.

If you've not seen the update hit your phone yet, head into the App Store to force the issue.

Source: WhatsApp