WhatsApp usage is now free on FreedomPop in the U.S.

Millions of people use WhatsApp every month, and now FreedomPop is aiming to make sure its customers are able to use the messaging app no matter what. The carrier is providing a zero-rated WhatsApp SIM in the United States, as well as free data to those customers in more than 30 other countries in Southeast Asia and Europe. With it, users can use WhatsApp's service without it eating into their data allotment, of which there are 200MB included in the company's free basic plan.

According to FreedomPop, it is the first carrier in the U.S. to offer this feature. Those who get the WhatsApp SIM will get free unlimited WhatsApp usage, 100 voice minutes, and 200MB of data per month. Those who need more of either can upgrade to a paid plan for extra data and/or minutes. FreedomPop first launched its zero-rated WhatsApp SIM in Spain.

Those with the U.S. SIM get the same features in the other countries where it is offered. The zero-rated plan is, in spirit, the same as T-Mobile's 'free' video and music streaming for Simple Choice customers under the Music Freedom and Binge On perks. T-Mobile's move stoked net neutrality concerns, but FreedomPop says its offering complies with the FCC's ruling on the matter.

In the age of smartphones and ample mobile data coverage, regular texts and voice calls are pretty obsolete, and many consumers have asked for data-only plans. With something like WhatsApp and a data connection, users can make voice calls and send 'texts' to anyone else who has the app...and, due to WhatsApp's massive popularity, there's a good chance many people you know use it.

SOURCE: FreedomPop Blog