WhatsApp tries to ease users' privacy fears with Status messages

WhatsApp, the popular messaging app that many users have abandoned for alternatives, is now using Status messages in an effort to reassure users that their data is safe. Put simply, Status messages are the same as Stories found on other platforms like Instagram — and WhatsApp plans to use them to talk about privacy.

WhatsApp has faced user privacy concerns surrounding an upcoming privacy policy change and general public distrust surrounding Facebook. The company has scrambled to address these concerns while competitors like Telegram report a huge uptick in new users.

A recent report from The Verge notes the presence of WhatsApp Status messages that offer snippets about the company's privacy practices, stating things like, 'WhatsApp can't read or listen to your personal conversations as they're end-to-end encrypted.'

The company confirmed its plan to use the Status feature to get information out to users, citing 'a lot of misinformation and confusion' about the latest update and the platform's privacy practices. Users will be able to get updates about the topic in WhatsApp's Status tab.

Users who want more information can head over to the WhatsApp FAQ page where the company talks about the latest privacy policy update. On the page, the company details the information neither it nor Facebook can access, including shared location, personal messages, and voice calls.