WhatsApp 'Status' feature tipped as a Snapchat clone

WhatsApp is reportedly working on a new feature called 'Status' that works in much the same way as Snapchat. The feature was discovered in the most recent public beta version of WhatsApp for both iOS and Android. With it, users can post status updates in the form of photos and videos and share them with friends. The status updates expire and disappear after 24 hours, and can include things like text and doodles.

The feature can be accessed on rooted/jailbroken devices running the most recent WhatsApp public beta, according to Mashable. Status shows up as its own tab between "Chats" and "Calls," as well as a new button that features three-quarters of a circle with a + sign. Tapping that button allows users to create a new status post.

It seems users can take a photo, record a video, or use an existing version of either one and share it as a status update. The user can doodle on the content and add text as optional features. Once shared, the image or video apparently is listed in the Status tab for browsing (until they expire and disappear, that is).

It doesn't seem that WhatsApp wants the public to have access to this feature at this time, and so it's not easy to get to. If you do use it, keep in mind that it'll probably not work as intended, as most people won't be seeing it. As well, it is possible this feature may never launch in the public app, or it may launch in a form that has little resemblance to this current test.