WhatsApp group video chat launched with Booyah

A third-party group by the name of Rounds Entertainment have launched video chat for WhatsApp called BOOYAH. Imagine the WhatsApp developer crew's surprise when they find out someone other than they have launched a video chat client for their service. No worries, WhatsApp developers, you could go ahead and launch video chat on your own, any time you like. Meanwhile it'll be Rounds Entertainment that'll be leading this charge for iOS and Android.

Before Booyah, there was Rounds. Rounds still exists, of course, as a social communication platform. Rounds taps into your Facebook account login to connect to your entire Facebook group of friends with a chat program that's similar to, but not the same as, Facebook messenger.

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With Booyah, you're connecting to your WhatsApp account to add video chat. And not just one-to-one video chat, but group video chat. You won't need to register for a new account to make it work, because it works with your WhatsApp account.

"WhatsApp is the pioneer in group messaging, and therefore was the natural choice as the primary companion to Booyah," said CEO of Rounds Dany Fishel.

"We took it one step further, and brought Snapchat's ephemerality to group video chat, making these live conversations easy and casual. Ultimately, it's our job to do all the labor intensive steps, and all you need to do to join a group chat is show up – and Booyah!"

You can try Booyah for iOS on the Apple App Store for your iPhone or iPad right this minute, and the Android version is coming soon.