WhatsApp adding friendly status privacy, at last!

The latest update to WhatsApp gives every user the ability to hide or show status information on a per-user basis. Before now, users were only able to show their status to everyone, nobody at all, or all of their contacts. Now there's a "my contacts except..." option – for those people who you want on your contacts list, but with whom you do not want to share all your at all times.

This update for WhatsApp appeared first in Beta mode. If you're hoping to gain access to the ability to share your status with some, but not all contacts, you might want to take a peek at the Beta version of WhatsApp first. The feature should appear in WhatsApp settings under "Last seen."

According to WABetaInfo, the latest Beta release of WhatsApp includes an update to Last seen, and this will not be the last feature to include the new "my contacts except..." option. Earlier indications in code updates for the Beta software suggest there'll be similar options for a users' Profile Photo and "About" information.

The latest update to Android devices in the WhatsApp beta program is version, and it also includes a few other neat features not previously made available to the public. Users will have access to a new Group Icon with the ability to select emojis, stickers, and backgrounds.

If you're not seeing the update yet, just wait! Both the Group Icon and the "my contacts except..." feature updates should be available to all Beta users soon. As is generally the case with new features such as these, the term "rolling out" is key. It may be a few minutes before you get the update – or it might be a few hours, or days!

Take a peek at the timeline of additional WhatsApp bits and piece below, and prepare for these features to hit the public build before the end of the year! That's if they turn out to be everything the developers of the app hope!