What’s up Coby? (Part 2)

Staff Editor - Dec 30, 2006

Well, after going to the store and a quick exchange, I tried the new speakers at home and they worked! I was amazed at the sound quality $40 got me. The speakers had little distortion and were small, compact and VERY attractive. After listening to these speakers for a bit, I really got the hang of them. They are really simple really! Volume up, makes it louder. Volume down does the opposite and the power button turns it off and on. That’s all there is to know really, they are very simple.

Now, playing with these speakers, you get a hang of what you like and and don’t like. I found the size to be a real bonus. I could bring this baby anywhere without lugging around a big, heavy package. There is also room to grab your iPod, so you can use your thumb, rather than an uncomfortable and unnatural finger to scroll through items. What I didn’t like was the lack off battery capability and the fact that there was no remote. This means, you have to have the unit plugged in at all times, and each time you want to fiddle with your iPod or volume you have to go up to it.

All in all, I like these. For $40, you really can’t go wrong with these. The sound quality is great, along with the size and iPod capabilities. This is a product I would recommend to all of you who want cheap iPod speakers, at good quality. Two thumbs up from me!

Coby CS-MP87 Portable High Output Stereo Speaker System [Via: Amazon]

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