What's up Coby? (Part 1)

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So, I splurged and picked up some Coby speakers for the iPod and iPod Nano. The speakers had a holiday sale for $40, so I couldn't go wrong (Or so I thought)! I brought the speakers home, and while carrying them, they felt almost weightless, I couldn't wait for the portability. The unboxing went well. Coby included many dock adapters, a video out cable to use on a TV, the AC adapter and of course the units, which looked sleek and compact. I was impressed. This changed when I plugged it in.

So, I plugged the unit in, along with my iPod (60GB, 5th Generation). The blue light on the speakers came on and my iPod started to charge, all seemed well. This changed when I hit play....I waited....I waited some more. Nothing played. Not a single sound came from brand new speakers.

After a 10 minute hold, waiting for customer service, on the phone, I got an answer. So I just got the simple, exchange and get a new one. So, tomorrow, you will hear back from me, I hope I get some working speakers. Keep an eye out for "What's up Coby? (Part 2)"!

Coby CS-MP87 Portable High Output Stereo Speaker System [Via: Amazon]