What's Under the hood of revised OLPC?

Now that the new price of "One Laptop Per Child" notebook has been announced, the project seems to be on final stage. It also gets some upgrades underneath the OLPC itself. The previous specs shows the laptop will be powered by a 366Mhz AMD Geode CPU with 128MB RAM and 512MB of NAND flash.

Now, the new specs are 433 MHz AMD Geode LX-700 x86 Processor, 256 MB RAM, 1GB NAND Flash storage, 3 USB Ports, 2w power usage during nominal load, 802.11b/g-based WiFi Mesh networking, and Dual Mode Display that will deliver 800X600 in color and 1200X900 in monochrome mode.

The OS will still be Linux based with light Window Manager. However the OLPC is capable of running Windows which many thinks it will be the light weight of Windows such as the $3 Windows Starter Edition Bundle.

Behind the OLPC price bump: better hardware [via arstechnica]