What Is The Google Play Summer Sale?

This week the annual "Google Play Summer Sale" begins – this includes a small collection of apps for now, but will likely expand as Google makes their official announcement. When this article is released, Google has not yet made things official with a landing page, but once they do, we'll be sure to link it up. For now, heed the list!

Below you'll see a collection of apps that are taking part in the Google Play Summer Sale. While other pieces of media from Google Play may be included, for now we're seeing apps exclusively. Have a drive down sales lane, listed in order of sale price, lowest to highest.

Monopoly Millionaire : $0.50 from $1

Blueprint 3D : $0.75 from $1.50

NBA Jam : $1 from $5

Galaxy Pack LWP : $1 from $1.95

Asteroids Pack LWP : $1 from $1.95

Sprinkle Islands : $1 from $2

Beautiful Widgets : $1 from 2.75

Bright Weather : $1 from $2.79 (in-app purchase)

Dead Space : $2 from $8

Little Big Adventure : $2 from $5

The Sims : 50% off some in-app purchases

Tetris Blitz : 50% off some in-app purchases

Reaper : 50% off in-app upgrades

Theme Park : 40% off some in-app purchases

Iron Force : 30% off some in-app purchases

This first list was dug up by Android Police. We're also keeping at eye out for any additional bits and pieces.

UPDATE: You'll also find Terraria available for $2 instead of its normal $5 USD, and both Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy IV on sale for $8 each instead of $16.

UPDATE 2: This sale also includes Worms 3 for $2.50 instead of $5 and Guns and Glory WWII Premium for $1 instead of $6. At this point we're going to start adding to a new list below.

Runtastic Sit Ups Pro $1 from $2

Runtastic Push Ups Pro $1 from $2

Runtastic Heart Rate Pro $1 from $2

MeteoEarth $1 from $4

Weather Pro HD $1 from $4

Weather Pro $1 from $2

Temple Run Oz $1 from $2

Zombies, Run! $2 from $4

Runtastic Mountain Bike Pro $2 from $5

Runtastic Pro $3 from $5