What Earth would be if humans were eradicated

We hear stories all the time about the effects humans have on our planet, such as the recent news that half of Earth's wildlife has dwindled in the past handful of decades. What would happen if all humans disappeared from our planet, however? Earth Unplugged takes a look.

The results would be more or less as you'd expect: a lot of death in some areas and growth in others, the fairly rapid destruction of constructed cities and all that come with it, and the devolution of certain animals and plants. Lice and cockroaches, for example, would be greatly reduced without humans.

The freeze and thaw effects of winter would quickly begin to break down roads and any concrete construction, like buildings and bridges. Plants would swoop in to fill those cracks, further breaking apart the structures. Heavy metals would be of concern for a while, but the ocean would thrive and animals would begin expanding their habitats.

An Earth without humans would get along well without us, is what it comes down to, but if the thought of humans ceasing to exist depresses you, take solace: evidence that humans existed would persist, not the least of which being the satellites we have whisking around space and radio waves.

VIA: Gizmodo